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Sprott School of Business,

International Business,

Carleton University


Excited to teach in the Sprott School of Business MBA program. This is a really great program and I am happy to share any information.

We also have launched the online MBA! It has been a great success.

I am continuing my work helping businesses create strategic plans after the pandemic. It has been hard on many businesses as they have been in reactive mode for years... it is nice to get back to proactive planning!

Proud of the work being done in health delivery in the Interior BC. It was an idea we had years ago to create a unified voice for First Nations. I'm proud to say that is now a reality.

Proud member of the Word WarriorsProud member of the Word WarriorsPublications

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Publications Rethinking Economic Strategies for First Nations in Canada: Incorporating Traditional Knowledge into Governance Practices, PhD Thesis, Carleton. 2016.

It's Not About Bricks and Mortar, It's About the People: An Anthropologist Perspective in the Corporate World.” MA Thesis, Carleton University, Dept. Sociology and Anthropology.