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Excited to teach in the Sprott School of Business MBA program. This is a really great program and I am happy to share any information.

We also have launched the online MBA! It has been a great success.

I am continuing my work helping businesses create strategic plans after the pandemic. It has been hard on many businesses as they have been in reactive mode for years... it is nice to get back to proactive planning!

Proud of the work being done in health delivery in the Interior BC. It was an idea we had years ago to create a unified voice for First Nations. I'm proud to say that is now a reality.

My Musical Gear

Some may say I have GAS )Gear Acquisition Syndrome). But, It has mainly been through years of collecting and finding that perfect bass and gathering equipment along the way.


My Basses

I have been a long supporter of Phil's work and his revolutionary Kubicki Bass. There is no other bass like this in the world. I have a black one and a custom painted purple one. The Drop D is an amazing feature and the 32 laminations on the neck means it never goes out of tune! Add in 2 active and three passive custom pickups and this bass can do anything.

Kubicki X-Factor BassKubicki X-Factor Bass

Kubicki X-Factor Bass CustomKubicki X-Factor Bass Custom

I also an a fan of the Fender American Deluxe P-Bass with the active pickups. This bass just feels right and gives a good range of punch. I have both a sunburst and a natural bass.

 American Fender Deluxe P-Bass SunburstAmerican Fender Deluxe P-Bass Sunburst

American Fender Deluxe P-Bass NaturalAmerican Fender Deluxe P-Bass Natural


I also have two other Fender basses. The standard American P-Bass and what I call Franky: A 74 Jazz body with 76 P Bass Neck equipped with EMG pickups. A players bass for sure but is certainly a Frankenstein bass.


American Standard P-BassAmerican Standard P-Bass


I also have a Rickenbacker that I picked up. I don't use it often but it is a fun bass.

 Rickenbacker 4001Rickenbacker 4001



I also have a nice dark blue custom shop Fender Stratocaster that is lake placid blue. Very fine guitar with excellent tones.

 Fender Custom Shop Custom Classic Stratocaster Lake Placid BlueFender Custom Shop Custom Classic Stratocaster Lake Placid Blue


I also enjoy my Epiphone Les Paul - someday I may invest in a Gibson Les Paul but these are well made and do the job.

 Epiphone Les Paul StandardEpiphone Les Paul Standard

I also have a few acoustic guitars in including a Fender 12 string, fender Dreadnaught and an Oscar Schmidt.

 Fender CD-149SCE 12 stringFender CD-149SCE 12 string


Oscar Schmidt Acoustic OG1SM-ROscar Schmidt Acoustic OG1SM-R

Fender CD-140SCE Dreadnaught - Walnut Fingerboard - NaturalFender CD-140SCE Dreadnaught - Walnut Fingerboard - Natural


Amps and Gear


For amps I use;

 1) Bass Live/Studio) Peavey Mega Bass head, Korg rack mount Tuner, SE-50 Multi Processor

2) (Bass Practice) A Yorkville Bass Amp for Practice

3) (Guitar/Studio) Positive Grid Spark

4) (Guitar/Live) Marshall 4x10 Green Celestions speakers and a Marshall Valve-state VS100



Spark by Positive GridSpark by Positive Grid

Marshall VSMarshall VS


Yorkville XM100Yorkville XM100









 I also have Peavey Peavey PR10 400 Watt PA speakers and a Phonic 620 Pa Amp

Peavey Peavey

Phonic 620Phonic 620










For microphones I use a Sure SM-58 and have a few other mics such as the Sure 57, AKG P120 and a few others.



Keyboards: Korg M1 and a Roland D-50

Korg M1Korg M1

Roland D-10Roland D-10