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Excited to teach in the Sprott School of Business MBA program. This is a really great program and I am happy to share any information.

We also have launched the online MBA! It has been a great success.

I am continuing my work helping businesses create strategic plans after the pandemic. It has been hard on many businesses as they have been in reactive mode for years... it is nice to get back to proactive planning!

Proud of the work being done in health delivery in the Interior BC. It was an idea we had years ago to create a unified voice for First Nations. I'm proud to say that is now a reality.

Welcome to Scouting!


I am a long time scout and scouter within both the US Scouts and Canadian Scouting movements.

When my dad started the first Beaver colony in Ottawa, I joined up to share share share! I then moved into cubs and became obsessed with earning band collecting badges.

US Eagle Scout AwardUS Eagle Scout Award

When we all moved to the United States my family joined with Troop 550 Scouts in Georgia. I received my Eagle Scout badge along with my brother (who also earned the Canadian Chief Scout award. I don't think many people can boast that accomplishment!)

On return to Canada, I joined the 28th Ottawa Venturer Group and remember fond trips in Elliot Lake, Algonquin park and on the Madawaska river with Scouter Rusty.

Today I am a proud father of a Scout in the 17th Ottawa. He started in Beavers and has linked through Cubs to become a Scout. I have been with him the whole time as a scouter for the colony, pack and now serve as the troop. I also volunteer with Scouts National when I can and have an interest in the World Scouting Movement.

 If you are interested in scouts, or volunteering, you can always find more information at Scouts Canada's web site.



 17th Ottawa at Opemikon17th Ottawa at Opemikon



Klondike 2022Klondike 2022

Dragon Boat Fun at Dow's Lake OttawaDragon Boat Fun at Dow's Lake Ottawa


Supporting Camp Opemikon in Ontario for many years. Its a great Scout camp that also offers group camping for non-Scout groups.  


Since 1938, Camp Opemikon has served the camping needs of more than half a million members of the Scouting family.  The camp is owned and operated by Scouts Canada, Voyageur Council, and is one of the finest residential Scout camps in Canada.  Campers from other parts of Canada and around the world are welcome.


This camp is located on the southern tip of the Canadian Shield on Christie Lake, 100 km southwest of Ottawa.  This idyllic camp on more than 200 acres of rugged terrain, nestled among three pristine lakes, provides the perfect Scouting adventure away from busy roads and crowded cities.



Dragon Boat Fun at Dow's Lake OttawaDragon Boat Fun at Dow's Lake Ottawa