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Sprott School of Business,

International Business,

Carleton University


Excited to teach in the Sprott School of Business MBA program. This is a really great program and I am happy to share any information.

We also have launched the online MBA! It has been a great success.

I am continuing my work helping businesses create strategic plans after the pandemic. It has been hard on many businesses as they have been in reactive mode for years... it is nice to get back to proactive planning!

Proud of the work being done in health delivery in the Interior BC. It was an idea we had years ago to create a unified voice for First Nations. I'm proud to say that is now a reality.

Current Work

June 2009 – Present:

Faculty at Sprott School of Business, International Business

Carleton University

Responsibilities: I teach Ethics, Cross-Cultural Communications, Globalization, Entrepreneurship and Business Continuity within the International Business Group at Sprott.

My current International research interests include; Corporate Ethics, Cross-Cultural communications in Multinationals, Agritourism in Northern Italy, economic development with the Moken (sea gypsies) of South East Asia, and development work with communities and Indigenous people world wide.


Sept 2002 – Present:

CEO, The Global Governance Group


I am the current CEO of the Global Governance Group (GGG). This independent consulting firm provides research, training, strategic advice and governance guidance to businesses and all levels of government.  GGG is actively involved in governance, board training, ethics compliance, sustainability and corporate relations training with business, economic development organizations, NGO’s. We have worked with many Indigenous organizations and communities.


Board Trustee (Governor in Council position), The Canadian Museum of History formerly the Canadian Museum of Civilization, Canada's national museum of human history.


Board Trustee (Governor in Council position), The Canadian War Museum, Canada's national museum of military history.


Board of Directors (Current), Scouts Canada. An association providing programs for young people, aged 5 to 26, with the stated aim "to help develop well rounded youth, better prepared for success in the world".


Board of Directors (Current), Indigenous Culture and Media Technologies, Providing access to arts through professional development, productions, facilities, and equipment.

Current Work